Accelerating knowledge creation in management

Heimskringla is the best known source of the old sagas of the Nordic kings. The book was written around 1230 by Snorri Sturluson. In one of the stories there is a proverb: Fátt veit fyrr en reynt er. It emphasises the importance of action for knowledge; without action knowledge is limited.

Research has been developing since the Age of Enlightenment. The diversity of paradigms and methodologies has not impoverished but empowered researchers. The importance of impactful research is an effort to assist people to use the output of research to change behaviour. The relevance of such research creates a purposeful dialogue between academia, business and society.

Research in Action – Accelerating Knowledge Creation in Management – is a call for action. The idea is to empower researchers to explore the state of research and experiment with the aim of creating new insights. It is not just a question of methodology it is a quest for relevance in different disciplines of management. In the words of Snorri Sturluson: Little can be known without trying – Fátt veit fyrr en reynt er.





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