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Important dates

Annual 15th EURAM Conference

17-20 June 2015

Submission of Topics/Symposia/DWG Proposals:   15 July 2014
Announcement of the call for papers: 23 September 2014
Deadline for paper submission: 13 January 2015 (2pm Belgian time)
Notification of acceptance: as of 17 March 2015
Early bird: 09 April 2015
Authors late registration: 21 April 2015

Doctoral Colloquium

15-16 June 2015

Deadline for submission to PhD Colloquium:   27 January 2015 (2pm Belgian time)
Notification of acceptance: as of 15 March 2015
Participants registration: 09 April 2015


Prof. Dorota Dobija (Chair), Kozminski University

Prof. Sibel Yamak (EURAM VP Conferences), Galatasaray University

Prof. Wojciech Czakon (EURAM VP SIGs), University of Economics in Katowice

Poland is a Central European country with an area of 312,700 sq. meters, and a population of 38.5 million. Poles make up 98% of the population, Ukrainians and Byelorussians’ make up another 1%, and the remaining 1% is composed of Germans, Lithuanians, Tatars, Roma (Gypsies), Lemks, Boyks and a few dozen other groups.

General information:

Warsaw’s main airport is called the Frederic Chopin International Airport and is located about six kilometers from the city centre.  From there a regular Airport City bus and bus number 175 go to the city centre. Most buses and trains stop at the Central Station (Warszawa Centralna) in the centre of the city.


Polish cuisine is hearty and diverse.  Our traditional dishes are: schabowy (a flavored pork chop), bigos (cabbage cooked with meat and vegetables), gołąbki (pork and rice wrapped up in cabbage leaves and served with tomato sauce) or pierogi (dumplings with different fillings).

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