Polish cuisine is hearty and diverse.  Our traditional dishes are: schabowy (a flavored pork chop), bigos (cabbage cooked with meat and vegetables), gołąbki (pork and rice wrapped up in cabbage leaves and served with tomato sauce) or pierogi (dumplings with different fillings).

For breakfast we usually have simple open-faced sandwiches, yoghurt, cereal with milk or eggs. Dinner, served in the late afternoon, is the main meal. Then we have a light supper and desert in the evening. Dishes that must be tried include: beetroot soup, żurek, mushroom soup and naleśniki.

Money and banking:

The main Polish currency is the zloty (PLN).
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You can exchange money at the airport, railway stations, the Travel Offices, hotels and many exchange offices.


Warsaw: June Weather Averages

Temperature 16°C - 61°F
Low Temperature 11°C - 52°F
High Temperature 21°C - 70°F
Sunshine Hours 9 hrs
Chance of Sunny Day 23 %
Rainfall 80mm
Rainfall days 16 days
Chance of Rain 52 %
Chance of Cloudy Day 11 %

Poland’s climate is influenced by a continental climate from the east and a maritime climate from the west. As a result, the weather changes frequently with significant differences from day to day and from year to year. Winter is usually cold and snowy (the average for January is -25°C), summer is warm with showers and thunderstorms (the average for July is 17°C), spring and early fall are very pleasant with moderate temperatures and lovely colors. Summer can also be hot and dry with temperatures reaching over 30  Celsius.  In the winter the temperature usually falls below zero (occasionally reaching -20° or more). The lowest temperatures are in the mountains and the highest in western and central Poland.

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Time & Internet:

Poland is in the Central European Time (CET) Zone: (GMT +01:00). Wireless internet is widely available. In Warsaw, free internet can be found in restaurants, pubs, cafes, tourist attractions, hotels and shopping malls.