14-00 Conference General Track

The Conference General Track is dedicated to the central theme of the conference. It welcomes papers aimed at discussing how management research and education can contribute to an interesting debate of how uncertainty can be turned into a great opportunity for organisations.

SIG 13: Strategic Management

The Strategic Management Special Interest Group (SIG) is devoted to promoting state of the art strategic thinking. We encourage dialogue along several interrelated lines of inquiry crucial for increasing scholarly and managerial understanding regarding strategic choice, competitive advantage, adaptation, and long-term performance and survival.

SIG 04: Family Business Research

The European Academy of Management with an ad-hoc Strategic Interest Group on “Family Business Research” aims to be the ideal opportunity to assess the conceptual development, empirical research, and future directions of the family business field within a broader community of European scholars of management.

SIG 12: Research Methods and Research Practice

The Research Methods and Research Practice (RM&RP) strategic interest group (SIG) exists to promote debates around all aspects of academic research, from its conception through to its execution and dissemination, in all business and management disciplines.


The corporate governance SIG welcomes studies exploring all aspects of antecedents and consequences - of corporate governance and boards of directors.

SIG 10: Project Organizing

The Special Interest Group Project Organising is focused on projects and programmes defined as temporary organisations with a goal and pre-determined life cycle.

SIG 01: Business for Society

The Business for Society SIG is dedicated to research and educational programmes that analyse the conditions under which business can (or actually does) interact positively with its social and natural environment.