Karmnik restaurant

Address: ul. Piwna 4a, 00-265 Warszawa

Coordinates: 52.248376, 21.013066 (Old Town)

The restaurant is located in the Old Town and is easy to reach via public transport. For instance, if you are in the city centre you can take the metro at CENTRUM bound for MŁOCINY and leave at RATUSZ ARSENAŁ. Then take a walk or go to the tram stop METRO RATUSZ ARSENAŁ 09 and get on any tram – get off at the next stop STARE MIASTO. Use the most classy escalator in town and you will find yourself at the Sigismund Column. Cross the square and turn left in Piwna Street.

Jabłonna Palace

Address: ul. Modlińska 105, 05-110

Jabłonna Coordinates: 52.374948, 20.914071

The Jabłonna Palace (‘Pałac w Jabłonnie’, WWW) is owned by the Polish Academy of Sciences and it is located in the outskirts of Warsaw, around 25 km from the city centre. Please make sure you will have enough time to commute to the venue. If you are using public transport, please remember to buy tickets which are valid in the suburban zone (‘Strefa 1+2’).

The palace can be reached by: bus, train+bus, train+taxi, or taxi. For instance, from the WARSAW CENTRAL STATION (‘Warszawa Centralna’) you can take the train bound for MODLIN to the station LEGIONOWO PRZYSTANEK (ca. 60 min) and bus 723 bound for ŻERAŃ FSO to the bus stop PAŁAC 01 (ca. 15 min). If there is no bus at the time you arrive to Legionowo, you can take a taxi (you will find a taxi stop opposite the train station, which is currently under re-construction) – it will not cost more than 20 PLN. From Koźmiński University go to the tram stop PIMOT 04 and take a tram number
18 or 20 bound for ŻERAŃ FSO to the station ŻERAŃ FSO (ca. 5 min). From the bus stop ŻERAŃ FSO 10 go by bus 723 bound for MICKIEWICZA to the stop PAŁAC 04 (ca. 30 min).

You need to take a 10 min. walk from the stop PAŁAC 04 to the venue: cross the street, pass the church, turn right and enter through the palace gate.

You can find more information about routes, timetables, and tickets here: WWW
While planning your journey you can use this webpage: WWW

We also encourage you to share taxis with your peers.