Dear Track Chair,

Your activities are the bedrock of the Conference. Thank you for all your efforts in proposing and promoting an important topic. Also thank you, if your proposal is selected, for fostering the interactions among authors and reviewers. You will facilitate the development of research and of papers that matter.



You are expected to manage the track’s review process using the EURAM

Reviewing Platform. This involves:

• Finding a sufficient number of relevant, competent and engaged reviewers

• Providing accurate and timely information to the EURAM Conference Programme Committee about your reviewers and helping to keep updated data about their addresses

• Encouraging the reviewers to enter their details, interests and areas of competence, through having them complete the questionnaire sent to them by EURAM

• Allocating relevant reviewers to papers using the EURAM Conference Reviewing Platform (assigning at least three reviewers per paper to a maximum of three papers per  reviewer)

• Providing the necessary instructions to reviewers and sending them reminders to make sure that the reviewers evaluate the papers on time and provide constructive comments to authors

• Making sure that co-chairs who submitted papers do not have access to the EURAM Conference Reviewing Platform



• Creating different types of sessions according to the instructions of the Conference Programme Committee.

• Assigning chairs and discussants to sessions taking into account the required profiles for different session types.

• Allocating the accepted papers to the different sessions following a logic of similarity/complementarity of research topics.



• Monitoring closely the registration of the authors. Clarifying who is going to register on site, and thus to present his/her paper, by closely monitoring the registration status of the authors on the website and subsequently by getting in touch with both the authors and EURAM local organizing committee.

• Informing in a timely manner the Conference Programme Committee about authors who have already declared their unavailability to present their papers in order to remove them from the final programme (all cancellations must be made before the last deadline for the printed material).

• Managing the track nominations for the awards in collaboration with the SIG chairs.



• Monitoring the track sessions in order to be sure that everything is working as planned (presence of session chairs, discussants and authors; existence and functioning of the required resources, etc.) and timely communication of any incident to the Conference Programme Committee.


Thank you for taking the time to communicate with the SIG chair and the Conference Programme Committee and for respecting all the deadlines in order to enhance the quality of the conference for all participants.


 EURAM 2018 Local Organising Team:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The address of the conference venue is University of Iceland,

Sæmundargata 2, 101 Reykjavík, 

Ssn: 600169-2039